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Jon's Copywriting

Words matter. And when you’re in the business of writing words to sell things, they matter just as much as a beautifully-desigend app or website (maybe more). Here you’ll find samples of what I write for my daytime gig. Copywriting may seem like a far cry from what I wrote as a brand journalist but the goals are inextricably the same: make people feel something.


This online display ad needed to up-sell credit cards and tie into National Selfie Day. The design was dependent on the copy I provided.

Display ad example - Content Guide.jpg

This reverse mortgage ad ran in the print edition of USA Today as part of a major ad placement with our brand team. In as few words as possible, I needed to communicate LendingTree’s value proposition and brand positioning while appealing to the demographic that would take out reverse mortgages - mainly, senior citizens.

Reverse Mortgage USA Today ad.jpg


The goal of this email was twofold. I had to convince borrowers who recently took out personal loans that they could use their new money as an emergency fund instead of immediately spending it. Then, I had to up-sell, a recent LendingTree acquisition that was now in the family of brands. I had never written copy for DepositAccounts, so I needed to quickly research the company, figure out some of its best selling points and weave that into a narrative that naturally gelled with the personal loan content.


LT’s CRM team asked me to write a personable, friendly email that would up-sell personal loans and resonate with readers’ emotions. Basically, they wanted people in their feels. This campaign launched around Thanksgiving and continued running till Christmastime.



This landing page was a “re-skin” of an existing page that touted LendingTree’s partnerships with SoFi. The original page was scant with copy; the little copy that was there was clunky and uninformative. I re-wrote the entire page for this mockup one of our designers created.

SoFi reskin landing page.png

I wrote this landing page to drive traffic to a 30-plus page ebook I wrote on strategies for eliminating debt. Users access this page from a Facebook ad after deciding to visit a website where they can learn more about the debt guide.



This advertorial was part of a co-branded package in partnership with American Advisors Group. I was tasked with coming up with three different concepts for advertorials to present to AAG. This is the concept they liked most.


This advertorial for our paid social channels informs readers about debt relief and sways them to sign up for a consultation. Users access this content after clicking on a Facebook ad.

Debt Relief Advertorial 2.jpg


These holiday cards were created on behalf of the marketing department as thank you’s to the company’s business partners. I decided to be a bit playful with the copy given the season. Although I wrote six different copy options, this one (the first I came up with) emerged as the favorite.


This flu shot poster was an internal project intended to inspire LendingTree employees to sign up for a free flu shot. I decided to keep the copy pretty simple and to the point, but also wanted to add some levity, hence the emoji.


This is an 11-page guide devoted to reverse mortgages. The purpose: give readers the ins and outs of the once-controversial financial product so they might decide if it could be a reliable funding source in their retirement years.


This 35-page debt elimination guide gives readers various strategies for eradicating the debt in their lives, along with activities, worksheets and checklists to help them improve their finances. The original idea was a simple guide that refurbished content from a guide already in existence. I turned it into a massive ebook with original content that added more personality, more closely aligned with LendingTree’s brand and took a deeper dive into the relationship between credit and debt.