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The Wigfall Love Story

The Wigfall Love Story: A Lesson in Persistence

Words by: Jonathan McFadden; Photos by: Kimberly Danielle Photography

Allen Latrell Wigfall was sure of what he wanted, and who. She was brown-skinned. Beautiful. Intelligent. She had a bright smile, a small stubborn streak and a melodic singing voice.

She was Breland Wright, a woman he had known since they met in college and sang together in a gospel group.

Even then, Latrell was smitten. In the beginning, he couldn’t muster the courage to approach her. But years passed and a friendship formed. He realized that Breland was the woman for him. She would be his life mate. His helper. His partner. The mother of his children.

She just didn’t know it at the time.

Photo by Kimberly Danielle Photography 

Photo by Kimberly Danielle Photography 

Breland had an idea of what she wanted in a mate, too. The man of her dreams would be taller than her, for sure. He’d be affectionate. Expressive. And he’d love God.

Latrell fit the bill. The only problem was Breland didn’t see him as the man of her dreams. Not then, anyway.

When Latrell first approached her about a relationship, Breland’s answer was: “Let’s just be friends,” recalls Courtney Dendy, Breland’s cousin and best friend. 

In those early days, Breland wasn’t so sure she wanted to date Latrell exclusively — she told him as much, Courtney says — and felt that friendship would give them a chance to feel each other out.

Latrell, meanwhile, was sure — very sure — that he and Breland belonged together. But he was patient, too.

So, they were friends. They watched movies. Met each other’s families. Witnessed friends get married. Stood next to each other in pictures. Talked on the phone. Visited each other at home.

And it clicked: Breland did like Latrell. A lot.

Friendship evolved to dating. Dating to relationship. Relationship to romance.

“He got to see a different side of her,” says James Jeter, Latrell’s best friend since college. “He liked this side. As he learned her more, she was more surprising to him. I think he felt she was really interesting.”

So interesting, in fact, that in 2013, Latrell decided it was time for his happily ever after with Breland. It was time to get hitched.

Bre and Trell 5.jpg

“Trell was very sure that Breland would be his wife,” James recalls. “He said that several times: ‘Breland is going to be my wife.’ I don’t think he had many reservations on what would be next.”

James and Courtney were both there when Latrell went ring shopping. It took a long time. But it didn’t take long for Latrell and Breland to reach this point. Their friends were admittedly surprised – the move from going steady to affianced all unfolded rather quickly.

But remember, they had been friends for so long.

“They had already been talking about marriage,” Courtney says. “Breland started to say, ‘I think I love him.’ One day, he brought flowers by the apartment just because. The small stuff he did assured her and helped her along the way.”

Latrell popped the question. Breland said yes.

On April 12, 2014, they wed. Breland had the man of her dreams and, to prove it, serenaded him with an Etta James classic, “At Last.”

The Wigfalls honeymooned in Cozumel and swam with dolphins. They returned home and real life began. In that first year of marriage, they learned how to live together. They learned what they could compromise on. They learned what bad habits needed to be worked out. They learned just how instrumental God was in stitching the fabric of their covenant. 

Photo by Kimberly Danielle Photography

Photo by Kimberly Danielle Photography

For some, the first year of marriage is the hardest. Not for these two.

“The first year for them was pretty blissful,” Courtney says. “They had a little adventuring. It was a learning experience for the both of them. They remained in the honeymoon stage for a good little bit.”

Echoes James: “They did a really good job getting acclimated to one another. Living together. They were very wise in their decisions.”

They grew — and continue to grow — together. They brought out the best in each other, even if meant challenging lifelong tendencies.

Courtney says it best: “Breland wants what she wants when she wants and Latrell is a procrastinator. I’ve seen both of them grow. Breland submits to him as the authoritative figure in the household, and I’ve not seen him procrastinate as much.”

When enlisting in the National Guard, they endured extended periods of separation. They forged a stronger bond when returning home and buying a house. And now that bond has intensified with the coming of Nolan Ellis Wigfall.

Photo by Kimberly Danielle Photography

Photo by Kimberly Danielle Photography

“It has brought them closer,” Courtney says. “I know they’re going to be great parents. I think that they spent a great amount of time – four years before having a baby – to lay down some foundational things. They talk about the future. They will raise their child up in the way of the Lord. I know that being parents will bring an even better joy to their lives and expand the love within their family.”

James agrees.

“They are super close,” he says. “From Trell rubbing Breland’s feet or going out for late runs for her cravings – they’ve been really good with loving on each other and enjoying the experience, as well. They’re considerate of each other’s thoughts – what she wants and what he wants.”

And now, we all bear witness to this next chapter on their journey. We’ll watch them grow. We’ll watch them love. We’ll watch them encourage and inspire and uplift and minister.

We’ll watch them become mother and father.

Usually, stories like these end with a kicker, a coda or some kind of denouement to draw everything together and wrap it all up in a nice, neat bow.

This is not one of those stories because there’s no reason to write an ending.

Blessed by God, undergirded by family and friends, the Wigfalls are living this enchanted tale. It won’t end today. It can’t.

It’s just getting started. 

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