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Why wait? Write your story now!

A friend recently told me he wasn’t ready to write about his business because he didn’t have much of a story to tell.


Everyone has a story to tell. And now is the perfect time to write it.

Don’t believe me? Think about your life. What experiences would make for a riveting memoir? What genius idea could you convert into a business plan? What social issues inspire those lengthy yet profound social media posts?

You’re more interesting than you think. From your weird hobbies to your hardest life lessons, you’re a repository of gripping facts and details someone will read.

Your story could be the very thing that convinces people to buy your product, donate to your cause or hire you for the job.

But you’ll never know if you don’t put pen to paper. Here are three good reasons why you should stop waiting and start writing your story today.


You’ll never have more time

Maybe you’re waiting to write till the tsunami of responsibilities you juggle day-to-day gets smaller and you get more time on your hands.

Ha, you’re funny.

Time runs in one direction and we’re always running out of it. Plus, life is messy and unpredictable. Blink, and you can find yourself trying to balance 10 more things than you had to last year.

Waiting won’t make writing any less daunting. Writing is a craft, a skill, an art. It takes time, patience and perseverance.

You may have to write several drafts. Seek input. Make edits. Scrap an idea completely and start from scratch. It’s a process, but you’ll never start it if you don’t, well, start it.

Waiting won’t help. You’ll never be this young again. The details might get fuzzier. Your eyesight might grow worse. Your mind might get mushy and your fingers might cramp on a keyboard.

Stop prolonging what you should have started five years ago. Start writing now.


You’re more interesting than you think

In my reporter days, I met interesting people all the time. Monday, I might be interviewing a meth addict. Wednesday, I could be talking to a family detailing their escape from a house fire. Friday, I could be interviewing a store owner fretting over the disappearance of her 7-foot frog  (That really happened. Read about it here.).

When I left journalism, I figured my days of running into the weird and wacky were over. I was wrong.

I still meet interesting people — from the aneurysm survivor with a podcast to the hospital spokeswoman who blogs about classic movies to the writer who draws people’s dogs on the side.

People are interesting and the stuff they do is more intriguing than they realize.

That reluctant storyteller I mentioned earlier? He’s a full-time music teacher, a part-time carpenter, the minister of music at our church, a father, a husband and an occasional overseas missionary who’s dabbling in real estate.

That’s five years’ worth of content alone!

You don’t have to be a crazy — I mean, gifted — person like him to write your story. What are your talents? What is your passion? What drives you? What irritates you? What have you learned? What’s something about you people don’t know?

There’s something — at least one thing — about you that’s interesting, different, off the beaten path. Find it. Write it.


Your story will evolve

Think of your story like a fine wine. The longer it sits, the better it tastes. (Disclaimer: I don’t drink, so I’m assuming old wine tastes better 🤷🏾‍♂️.)

The longer you live, the more story you have to tell and the more nuanced it becomes. You gain perspective, which puts your story in context.

That’s hard to do if you never start.

Let’s say you want to start a business next year. Why not start writing your story now?

What sparked your idea? What work are you doing to prepare? What challenges are you facing? What mistakes have you made? What questions do you have? What problems are you solving?

Write those things down so by the time your business launches, your story is solid, your content has direction and your brand is cohesive. As time goes on, your story will evolve, but its foundation will stay the same. That means no matter how much your business changes (and it will), the narrative that drew people to you in the first place won’t.

Sound good but overwhelming?

Maybe you want to write your story but you need help from a skilled professional who will uncover the good stuff and make it somersault off the page. You’re in the right place.

Get in touch with me so we an talk about how I can help you find and tell your story the best way possible.

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